Sunday, 20 December 2015

What Makes Social Media A Powerful Tool For Healthcare Marketing?

 We are living in a fast-paced, information-dominated world in which social media has become a widely used platform for businesses to stay connected, communicate, and market their products or services. Healthcare industry is no exception to that, which is why numerous hospitals and healthcare organizations are using social media to their benefit.
If you have not used social media for your healthcare online marketing purposes, go through the following factors to understand why it is a reliable choice-
  1. Give your organization a voice- Social media is one of the finest ways to give your organization a voice by connecting and interacting with patients or consumers. It allows you to enhance presence of your firm by responding to questions and feedback of the patients.
  2. Provide Health Education- Social media gives you incredible opportunity to educate people on most pressing wellbeing issues such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, etc. It will not only help patients receive information about general health and well-being, but will also help you grow your patient base.
  3. Compare and Improve- It also gives you the privilege to compare and enhance the quality of your services by analyzing competitors and getting valuable insight into their services. You can use all this information to come up with better methods and technology to ensure overall patient satisfaction.
  4. Cost-effective - Social media is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques that can help you accomplish all your advertising goals whether it is about brand awareness or to drive more leads. It costs you much lesser than many other available marketing methods.
These few factors make role of social media incredibly important in healthcare advertising. Therefore, it is vital for you look for a professional of the industry in order to get the required help. Make sure that you choose a firm with proven track record in the healthcare and social media marketing. Always make the final call after doing appropriate research.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Top Reasons To Get SEO Services For Your Medical Facility

Most people believe that search engine optimization, which is also known as SEO, is an aspect that belongs only to IT industry. What many people don’t know is that it is an aspect that affects every business that requires an online presence. You may not realize but your healthcare facility also requires medical SEO services. Why? Here is your answer:

For better ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) – Search engine optimization is mainly used to get better rankings on the SERPs. The better your rank is, the more your chances to get in the sight of patients. SEO helps in obtaining a better ranking in results when someone searches for relevant services in your region.

It focuses on some phrases or keywords that usually people use to search on Internet. SEO can help your medical facility to get improved rankings on SERPs, so that more visitors can see your link and website.

For more online exposure – It also provides you more online exposure. If you get higher ranks, more visitors are going to land on your website. It increases traffic on your web pages. It may also lead to increased likes on social media pages and profiles like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more. SEO experts use various tactics such as blogging, video, and more. Their main focus is to get your website in the sights of potential patients. In can increase your online presence effectively benefiting your facility.

For targeting potential patients – SEO helps you target potential patients. For example, local people are usually the target clients. Search engine optimization expert can work on keywords that target your local region. So, when a person in your region or city searches for the relevant medical services, they can find your website and choose your healthcare facility.

On the other hand, you can also target certain patients who require a specific type of treatment that you provide. It is an excellent method of targeting potential patients.

For increased patient base and revenue – Better online rankings, increased traffic and conversion rate can lead you to a larger patient base as well as revenue. Higher traffic to your website can result into higher conversion rates and increased client base. It can help you improve your revenue and return on investment (ROI).

SEO services are an investment that can provide your medical facility long term and beneficial results. Find a recognized firm that has been providing top notch medical marketing services for at least few years.

Monday, 28 September 2015

What Services Are Provided By Medical Marketing Company?

Nowadays, marketing has become an essential need of every business. Health care centers are gaining numerous advantages from it. Be physicians, assistants, nurse practitioners, dentists, pharmacists, or any other healthcare professional all are using direct marketing media for their popularity.

There are many medical marketing company in NY that are the leading marketing service providers of healthcare industry. Having worked for hundreds of clinics, hospitals, and medical service providers, such companies have been successful in increasing their brand value. They follow latest and ethical marketing techniques and tools that provide good results.
If you want to avail services of medical marketing company, then first you must have complete idea about it.
There are 3 divisions in it that comprise of-
  • Full service marketing Agency
  • Education
  • Consulting
A list of services provided by marketing companies’ are-
  • Brand awareness
  • Increase revenue
  • Increase in number of patients  
  • Good return on your investment
  • Increase visibility
  • Improve search engine ranking
  • Maintain communication with patients
Benefits of medical marketing-
  • Enhance reputation- The prime benefit of marketing is it helps build reputation of brand amongst targeted patients.
  • Grow profits- With increased popularity comes great revenue. This is because of the number of patient’s visit being increased in a health care center.
  • Improve area of practice- Flaws in the working of health center are analyze and corrected with the help of marketing. This in turn improves reputation and revenue of a brand.
  • Provides good experience to patient’s - Marketing not only emphasis on improving reputation of a brand, but also makes experience of patient in a health center better. The marketing tactics include certain ways for example keeping a helping assistant to guide patient’s right from filling of forms to leading the way to doctor’s room.
    Campaigns of marketing includes-
    • Direct mail campaign- This campaign involves sending of mails to patients keeping them updated about the medical facility. Any special offers, discounts in medical procedure and more can be informed through this media.
    • Social Networking– Social media networks are playing a prominent role these days since the time there has been increased use of smart phones. People use this gadget for communicating. This is the reason why marketers make use of social networks for communicating with patients. Such marketing technique has overtaken the other techniques that use to take time and cost expensive.
    • SEO– SEO plays an integral role in popularizing a brand on web. People while searching for respective service or product often choose sites that are ranking on top. Hence, this technique of marketing allows patients find suitable medical facility in their area.

    Thursday, 21 May 2015

    How medical facilities are making use of Marketing Services?

    The inclusion of smart phones, computers and other internet-enabled devices have made close marketplace. The businesses are dependent on these devices. With technological advancement, each aspect known to us has improvised in a big way. Be it medical services or any other services, things seem to be changed.

    The medical services also need a push from modern marketing activities. The internet-based services have touched medical services as well. The presence of medical facilities on internet does make a difference. The collection of positive feedbacks, testimonials and comments do work in favor of hospitals. Therefore, medical facilities should introduce efforts to maintain and sustain their reputation on online platforms.

    Following is the list of medical marketing services, which can help medical facilities in maintaining their reputation –

    Direct Mail – The direct mail is a good option to inform individuals about health services. There is availability of a database, which helps in sending e-mails to a large number of people across huge demographics. The database includes individuals from various places and they are set altogether.

    Newsletters – The newsletters is a good way to address individuals. If people are opting for newsletter, then it seems they are interested in therapeutic services. The newsletter can be designed in such a way that more number of people are aware of the medical services provided by senders.

    Social Networking – The best and innovative way is to connect with the help of social networking. The Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ are some of the platforms, which help in communicating with individuals. The industry news, updates in hospitals, and other related information can be shared on these platforms. The visibility of a brand is also established with the help of these social media websites.

    SEO – Search Engine Optimization is an effective technique, which helps in achieving desired goals on internet. To ensure visibility of a website is reaching large number of people, it is important that SEO is used in an effective manner. SEO along with Paid Marketing helps in achieving the desired target of reaching large set of patients. The trajectory of growth goes higher with the help of SEO. 

    The above written strategies are helpful for medical facilities. Proper planning can be done with the help of above techniques. The results of the above techniques would help in reaching more number of individuals.